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Overview of Doctor LY KOSAL

Dr. Ly Kosal could be a medico and a specialist in STD who is functioning in emergency service in Siem Reap Provincial hospital and in his own clinic. Graduated with a MBBS degree from the university since 1994, Dr. Ly Kosal has over twenty years of labor expertise and a holder of various medical certificates. he's conjointly Associate in Nursing on-call doctor in varied forms of accommodation in Siem Reap, starting from high-rated edifice to guest homes and residences. He will speak French and English fluently. he's able to give report and varied medical documents in each languages moreover.

Our commitment to excellence is achieved by combining extremely trained medical personnel and progressive instrumentation with extremely trained paramedical workers. we provide twenty four hours emergency and non-emergency services throughout the Siem Reap - Angkor Wat. Our philosophy is to supply out-patients with the very best level of medical aid within the crisis state of affairs and transfer back to our hospital safely. This commitment to quality and value effectiveness is delivered by combining the skills of our extremely trained medical workers, our safety and repair familiarised workers, and a top quality driven management team dedicated to treating every of our patients as if they were members of our family.

For the STD result will come back in 3 to 4 hours  later for the common STD test such as( Gonorrhea, syphilis, Anti body HIV, antigen HIV, Hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and hepatitis C) except Ig G and Ig M of chlamydia take for 2 days and herpes simplex take for 3 to 4 days. Doctor fee cost USD 30.

If you need doctor on call emergency in Siem Reap you can call me this number: +855-12 824 102 | 016 638 533
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